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We had a blast working with Tayra this past fall.  Tayra, a Bishop Chatard Senior, and killer athlete wanted something out in a park setting, so we chose the quiet Coxhall Gardens.  Although, it wasn’t quiet for long.  We cranked up a little music and with a couple of outfits and a basketball as a prop, we went to town with a few looks.  I love the simplicity of the casual timeless white top paired with the concrete, wrought iron, and the nature backdrops.  Even though it seemed like we had high winds all day, we still nailed some awesome shots.  I’m definitely looking forward to working with more seniors this year.  If you want to be one of them, just shoot us a message.

Bishop Chatard Senior | MWPImages | Senior Photography


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Camera Basics Intro

Are you in control of your camera, or is it controlling you?  Did you just receive your new camera for Christmas which you have no clue where to begin?  Maybe you just haven’t had the time to learn the camera basics.  Well now is the time! If you are shooting in auto mode, then your camera is truly in control of you and your images.  Let me help you move from auto to manual and take full control of your images. I guarantee this is the only way to capture what your eyes are seeing in real life.


Camera Basics Intro Class Details

This class will be 4 hours of introduction to the basic photography principals, which can be applied to most cameras that you may lay your hands on.  You don’t need the most expensive camera on the market to create beautiful images.  If you understand the principals, you will have the ground work laid to expand upon later.  During the class we will cover topics such as Exposure, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and how to control these things on your personal camera.  All of our class sizes are small with no more than 10 students at a time, so you will be able to have personal attention and have your specific questions answered.

Wednesday February 8, 2017, 6pm – 10pm model-photography-camera basics-boutique-indianapolis

Registered students will also have access to our FB community where you may ask further questions and/or chat with other photographers and instructors in a closed informative group.  The best part is that it is always open, as most photographers seem to not sleep at all.

Our classes will be held in either our Broadripple or Mooresville locations depending on content and space required.  This first class will be in the Broadripple location to kick things off in a central location.  Don’t hesitate! Jump on this introductory offer of $99 for our first Intro to Camera Basics course.

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Lightroom Class – Saturday, December 17, 2016

Lightroom ClassThis month class will take place at our new Mooresville Studio!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

8am – 12pm Lightroom Editing

1pm – 5pm Studio Lighting

You may party with us the entire day or simply choose one or the other.

Each section is $100 or the entire day combo for $149. Register Now

What are we going to cover?

This will be an introduction to editing in Lightroom.  We will skip the asset management portion and get you excited about editing your gorgeous photos in Lightroom.  The course will cover basic color corrections, lens corrections, using presets and external plugins, and finally exporting in various formats.

You are encouraged to bring your laptop to follow along, but you don’t have to at all.  Adobe Lightroom is available as a free trial from adobe.com. At $10/month for photogs, which includes photoshop, it’s a no-brainer.

Before and After

Lightroom Class example

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Corporate Headshots Create Important First Impression


Is it time to update your corporate headshots? Maybe you need new marketing material or a new LinkedIn profile image. Your image is the first outward display of your company, business, and professionalism. This image should in no way be a selfie shot with your new smartphone. As amazing as the image quality has gotten with the latest technology, it still is not a replacement for a professional quality corporate headshot.

I write this today as I am in my office editing client images. I had a look through some large corporate websites and noticed the varied styles and quality of images of company leaders and executives. I understand everyone is busy and has a lot on their calendars, but there are options. I enjoy working directly with my clients and on a large scale basis I even set up on-location to shoot corporate headshots. That way we can provide quality images without sacrificing a lot of your time during the busy work day.

Corporate Headshots for the Board of Directors On-Location


Should you need individuals or small group images, maybe you don’t have a brick and mortar building, I also have an awesome studio where you can come and have your quality image taken. I absolutely love what I do and enjoy making my clients look their best! Not only do we take the image, but we also have retouching services, and corporate licensing.


MWPImages | Indianapolis Headshot Photographer

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Ball State University Alumni Riley Dance Marathon 2016



The Ball State University Dance Marathon Alumni, BSUDMA, put on this fabulous galaFTK!  Gala For The Kids, In support of the Riley Children’s Hospital, what a wonderful event!  I was glad to be a small part of the efforts made here, and I had a blast while doing it!  The venue, Crane Bay, is nothing short of stunning and always so inviting.  You know I love to eat and the catering was awesome as well. I applaud BSUDMA for their efforts and support of Riley Children’s Hospital.


If you were in attendance at the BSUDM GalaFTK, you know what a wonderful time was had by all!  There were excellent silent auction items to bid on, including a session from yours truly.  The speakers were fantastic and gave great testimonials and accounts on behalf of the works done at Riley Children’s Hospital.  I look forward to the continued success of this organization.  By the way, BSUDM is the largest donation contributing group to Rileykids.  Amazing!  Also, if you would like to snag an image that was taken, you may find them here.

screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-3-28-11-pmMike Washington Photography specializes in wedding, event, and corporate photography.  We also have a special place for our high school seniors that rock!  If you have a photography need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’d love to work with you.

MWPImages | Indianapolis Event Photography

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