Quick headshot studio lighting setup

Here’s a quick headshot studio lighting setup we do all the time.  Headshots don’t have to be overly complicated.  It’s all about lighting, posing, and expression.  Of course there are a host of other things that go into the art of a headshot, but these are the basics.  FYI, we just shot the quick timelapse video with a gopro so you could see how easy the setup is and how quickly we work on location.

Quick Headshot Studio

  • Simple Backdrop – nothing busy, no crazy prints or colors.
  • Key light or Main Light – Illuminates the face with a nice soft Rembrandt pattern
  • Hair Light – Illuminates the hair and shoulders and give a nice separation from the background
  • A Camera of course – with the proper settings and lens selection
  • Optional – bluetooth speaker for ambience (I love music) and iPad for immediate proofing on site

See, simple quick headshot setup!  The images turn out fantastic for websites, publishings, business cards, and even social media.  If you still think this is a lot, don’t worry we can help!  Contact Us today if you want to find out more information, or if you are ready to book your headshot session with Headshots Indy by MWPImages.

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