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The Photography Intro Course will make sure you’re in control of your camera, and it’s not controlling you.  Did you receive your new camera for Christmas, which you have no clue where to begin?  Maybe, you just haven’t had the time to learn the camera basics.  Well now is the time! If you are shooting in auto mode, then your camera is truly in control of you and your images.  Let me help you move from auto to manual and take full control of your images. I guarantee this is the only way to capture what your eyes are seeing in real life.

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Photography Intro Course Details

This class will be 4 weeks of introduction to the basic photography principals, which can be applied to most cameras that you may lay your hands on.  You don’t need the most expensive camera on the market to create beautiful images.  If you understand the principals, you will have the ground work laid to expand upon later.  During the class we will cover topics such as Exposure, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and how to control these things on your personal camera.  All of our class sizes are small with no more than 10 students at a time, so you will be able to have personal attention and have your specific questions answered.

October 3rd – October 24th 2017, Tuesdays 6pm – 8pm

Registered students will also have access to our FB community where you may ask further questions and/or chat with other photographers and instructors in a closed informative group.  The best part, is that it’s always open, as most photographers seem to not sleep at all.

Our classes will be held in our Mooresville studio.  Our studio is located at 3-1/2 E Main St, at the corner of Indiana and Main streets, downtown Mooresville.

Don’t hesitate to jump on this offer of $125 for our Photography Intro course.

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Your Instructor – Who Is this Mike Washington Guy?

Mike Washington, Certified Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer of America

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