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Everyone says wedding photography is hard. Yes, it can be challenging at times, but if you ask me the wedding DJ has one of the toughest jobs.  Think about the preparation involved for a wedding DJ. They have to have a collection of music suitable for the cocktail hour, bridal party entrance, dinner, and dancing well into the night. You know every wedding couple is different, thus their collection must be vast to cover many genres and eras of music.  That’s only the beginning! When you consider the load in/out of gear depending on the size venue and parking locations, that can be very time consuming and strenuous work! This makes my photography job seem like a piece of cake.

I was however very impressed with Nick and his crew at Ratpak Mobile DJs in Lafayette, IN.  Not only did they effortless rock the house, they killed the lighting too!  As a photographer, we greatly appreciate a well-lit venue. The lighting craftsmanship at shown at this wedding at the Lahr Atrium in downtown Lafayette was nothing short of amazing! Check out all the pretty colors and amount of light for this large venue. I also have a blog up on this wedding if you’d like to see more fantastic wedding photography from Mike Washington Photography.

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