I am closing this chapter

I am closing this chapter of the photography book. After two significant blows, covid19 and a tornado, the go forward plan is still unknown. This week, I have dealt with so many things outside the realm of photography. I just want to shoot again! From waiting to have the entire building red flagged, to finalizing utility shutoffs, and submitting insurance claims, I realize the importance of properly running a successful business. It’s not just pushing the button on the camera, but also having all the necessary protections and coverages in place just in case you hit a snag in the road. Not to forget, trying to be profitable.

Anyhow, I just pulled these photos and videos together as proof of ownership for the insurance company. As I looked through them, they brought back tons of memories of the hard work that went into building up this studio one step at a time, literally. Yes, I shed a few tears but I’m done with that now. I am closing this chapter right now, and starting on the next! What is the next chapter? Well, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. when they let us all go outside again, I promise I will hit the pavement running! I have ideas, but they are no where near cohesive yet.

I hope that you will continue to follow my story. This is really going to be a brand new chapter for me. I want all of you to share it with me. So for now, cherish the past experiences, and press forward to the future!

#MooresvilleStrong #BeMoore #INthisTogether

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