Prom Photography Ideas

I just thought I’d share some prom photography ideas today.  I can’t believe I actually accomplished this crazy idea of having an all out photo session with prom couples outdoors in a park.  I did it!  Since I normally shoot weddings, I just used my pre-planning skills and calm nature direction to move quickly through these awesome models.  I think one of the best prom photography ideas I had was to treat everyone like a model.  They are in front of your lens and posing to your direction, therefore they are the most important person in that moment in time.  Thanks to the 2 last week in Lapel, IN and the 26 this weekend in Sodalis Nature Park on the SW side of Indianapolis.  Here are some prom photography ideas to use with large groups, couples, and singles.

More Prom Photography Ideas to Consider

1. Think about your lighting, I chose to use a single strobe.  I let the sunlight be the hair light and rim light by placing their backs to the sun.  These were all taken outdoors so there was no power.  I used a Photogenic ION, Alien Bees 800, Paul C Buff 36″ Octabox, radio poppers triggers.

2. Consider the environment.  There were a ton of people out on this day.  Watch each frame for items like signs, poles, people, men fishing, etc.  If you can see these as you’re looking through your camera, you can save a ton of time in post.

3. Get some battery powered music.  Music always help people relax and a relaxed model will move and have fun.  I used my Samsung Galaxy to pump Pandora EDM via bluetooth to a Beats XL Portable Box.  6 – D sized batteries rocked 2 1/2 hours with no problem.

4. With 26 models, space the schedule with a little overlap.  That allows you to continue to shoot continuously without getting out of the groove.  Yeah, they may have to wait around 5mins or so but usually their parents and friends are there so it’s not that bad.

5. Get some sneak peaks out.  I know I was asked a few times if I’d have all 500 images ready the next day. HAHAHA!

I hope these prom photography ideas help you in some way.  Maybe I should start booking now for my next year prom models!  So much FUN!  Check me out on FACEBOOK

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