Jones Crossing | Premier Wedding Venue | Mooresville, IN

Wedding venues are everywhere! Just take a look around.  I used to drive by Jones Crossing all the time since I moved out the southwest side of Indianapolis.  I never thought there was such a gem of a wedding venue tucked away down in Mooresville, IN.  Who knew they had a spectacular outdoor setting for a wedding?  Image your wedding day, walking down the aisle with a scenic view of palm trees, stamped concrete, and a gorgeous waterfall!  I really want to shoot a styled session here and a few weddings, given the opportunity.  But, I just couldn’t wait to share the spectacular view of Jones Crossing.  They even have the inside reception area decked out perfectly for any wedding reception or other events too!  With stunning led lighting, tables and chairs, a dance floor, and projection screen, I could just imagine an actual wedding party having a blast! I could even see a nice slideshow of the bride and groom on the display, created by yours truly of course!  Anyhow, I appreciate the connections I’ve made with Nikki Laycoax and her asking me to be a guest blogger on the Jones Crossing website, check it out.  In the meantime, I took a few moments to go over and scout.  Check out this place and share with a friend or two if you know someone that may be searching for a wedding venue!

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