Emily and Ryan | Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session

A Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session is always a fabulous way to start a Saturday morning.  Emily and Ryan are a fantastic couple that I met through a contact from this year’s Prom Shoot.  I’m so gracious that people I had just met that day thought enough of my skill and talent to pass along my contact information!  You, Mr/Mrs Reader should do the same.  🙂  Anyhow, I totally enjoyed this Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session.  I even surprised the couple with an 8am start time, makeup artist on-site, and no coffee.  Ha!  So, I’ve decided to start offering short video/slideshows to go along with my photography.  Please let me know what you guys think of it.

I’d like to send a huge THANKS to a professional makeup artist who made the sacrifice of an extra hour of sleep to meet us in a parking lot on Butler’s campus!  Prepared to rock, she was the first one on site with brushes in hand, and she still had a host of wedding faces to do that morning as well!  I truly appreciate you, Megan Logsdon!  Please check out her page at www.megan-l.com

If that wasn’t enough, I even had my “Voice Activated Light Stand” on deck for the Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session, Lance Parker!  Such a great guy! He didn’t even hesitate when I asked him to only hold my light stand.  He’s also a great photographer as well. His FB Page is here: Illuminate Hue Photography



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